The Town Council Today

Seventeen elected council members represent residents in the following wards - Gillingham Town, Milton on Stour, Ham, Wyke and Gillingham Rural. At the Annual Council meeting, held at the end of May each year, the Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

The Town Clerk is the executive officer for the Town Council leading a team of operational and administrative staff consisting of an Office Manager and 2 Administrative Assistants. Six permanent outside grounds and maintenance staff including a Works Manager  maintain the land and buildings owned by the Town Council.

Meetings normally take place on Monday evenings, commencing at 7.30pm, except for Bank Holidays when they are moved to the Tuesday evening. The Annual Town Meeting is held on the last Wednesday in April each year. Agendas for meetings are published on the Wednesday prior to the meeting and placed on the Town Council notice boards which can be found at the following locations:-

Outside of the Town Hall

At the front of St Mary the Virgin Primary School

Broad Robin Post Office

High Street opposite the Town Meadow

Lodbourne Green

Milton-on-Stour opposite the shop

The Press and public are welcome to attend all meetings and time is set aside at the start of the Committee meetings for comments and questions from members of the public and at the end of Full Council meetings. Members of the public can also speak prior to the start of a specific agenda item with the permission of the Chairman.

Items on the Staff and Salaries agenda are normally considered with press and public excluded, as they are deemed to be of private and confidential nature.

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