Annual Accounts

The Annual Accounts for the Financial Year 2016-17
Please note the Finacial Year runs from the 1st April 2016 - 31st March 2017

At the 31st March 2017 there was £77,589.79 earmarked in the National Savings and Investment Account (NS&I) towards continued maintenance of all open spaces, play areas and amenity land in the Town Council’s ownership. The £5,971.18 interest accrued in this account was earmarked and drawn down to the General Reserve with the £120,264.00 earmarked towards Hardings Park. Land Transfer from the National Savings and Investment to the General Reserve for land maintenance/play area and associated work carried out by the Gillingham Town Council staff of £83,268.90, Less transferred into the NS&I £15,000 received from developers is the £68,268 still un-presented.

At the 31st March 2017 earmarked and held in the General Reserve was £206,365.53.

At the 31st March 2018 earmarked and held in the General Reserve for projects still outstanding was £100,649.82 made up of balances from the following budgets:

Land Management – Developers                      £ 8,000.00

Refurbishment W.C’s                           £35,000.00

High Street Enhancement                      £ 2,066.00

Sponsored Bedding Scheme                  £ 3,868.00

Hardings Park Project                           £ 1,868.00

Hardingss Lane Sports Pitches (s106)    £ 7,005.31

CCTV – additional camera/repairs         £ 9,808.12

Maintenance of play areas                     £ 4,721.18

Repairs to Chapel roof                          £ 5,000.00

Tree surgery                                         £ 4,643.05

Spoil heap removal (cemetery)              £ 1,145.00

Staff training budget                             £ 7,115.00

Outreach Youth Work                           £ 5,191.38

Festive Lighting                                    £ 1,018.78

Heritage Lighting                                  £ 4,200.00

Total                                                   £100,649.82

Earmarked reserves from small budgets from balances in hand total £20,541.06.

Leaving un-earmarked balance in the General Reserve of £15,119.32.

Borrowings – Public Works Loan balance: £115,662.00.

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Notice of Conclusion of audit, Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 Section 1, 2 and 3