A Pollinator Friendly Town

Gillingham Town Council continues to raise awareness of the importance of our pollinators to sustain life.

At the end of May volunteers from Gillingham Action for Nature Group (GANG) were busy sowing wildflower seeds and cereals crops on the public open space at Shreen Meadow. The seed varieties chosen were the same type used by farmers to plant along the edges of fields to provide a food source for insects and wildlife.

Bob Messer, said: “GANG are very excited about developing Shreen Meadow as a haven wildlife and it will be interesting to monitor how many more butterflies and birds are attracted to this site.”

A wildflower lawn has been created in the closed churchyard at the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin in Gillingham as part of an ongoing Living Churchyard project in partnership with the Town Council.

Rev Eve Pegler, said: “We are really looking forward to a colourful display of wildflowers this summer as well as providing a great source of food for our pollinators.”

It is not easy to establish wildflower meadows in heavy clay areas such as Gillingham as the natural soils are too rich for many wildflowers to grow; however, with good management and patience it may be possible to overcome these initial difficulties. Two small wildflower areas are being trialled with a mixture of wildflower seeds and plug plants on the public open space at Rolls Bridge and Jubilee Fields If successful, more areas will become designated for wildflowers.

The Mayor of Gillingham, Cllr Belinda Ridout, said: “The Town Council is committed to improving the biodiversity of the town and surrounding areas and encourages everyone to plant something for our pollinators. The more people who work with us, the ore effective we will be in preventing further decline of our pollinators.”

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