Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

12.07.2018 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Jill Ezzard


Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan – referendum Thursday 12th July 2018

Voting at 7 polling stations in the Parish of Gillingham from 7am to 10pm on the day

You can vote if you are a resident of Gillingham.

You will have received a poll card through the post to confirm that you may vote.

This referendum is an exciting moment in Gillingham’s long and colourful history as it provides an opportunity for the residents of Gillingham to vote in favour of a document that sets out a vision for the town’s future over the next decade and beyond.

The people of Gillingham and the surrounding area have been consulted at regular intervals during the 6 years that it has taken to produce, so the plan is the voice of the community.

Please have a look at the plan before you vote. It can be found in hard copy at the Library, in the Town Hall and at the council offices in South Walks, Dorchester. It can also be viewed online at:

On page 2 of the plan (5 pages into the document) there is a summary which gives a clear idea of what is to be found in its 92 pages. Don’t be put off by the size of the document – it took eight volunteers six years to produce, so it’s not surprising that it’s quite weighty – but it’s a great document to browse through looking at maps, diagrams, policies and explanatory text.

There’s something for everybody here. If you’re interested in the economy of the town, there’s a lot about the regeneration of the Town Centre and Station Road area. If you’re interested in heritage, look at the final sections of the plan to see what we have identified as of historic value and worth preserving. If you treasure your open spaces have a look at what we have said about those invaluable amenities. If you’re interested in rivers and flooding there are extensive photos and diagrams of where flooding has reached in recent years.

A key point to note is that the plan does not allocate any further area for development over that proposed in North Dorset District Council’s Local Plan – since the extent of development in the Southern Extension will provide a major source of new housing and employment land over the period this plan covers (to 2031). So the plan does not support additional development that might encroach on valued open space.

Many of the volunteers who put the plan together will be around and about on polling day. Do chat to them if you need to have anything clarified or explained. We’ll be only too happy to help. So far all Neighbourhood Plans in the UK that have gone to referendum have not only been given a ‘yes’ vote by their communities but have mostly achieved a good turn out as well. It would be great if the people of Gillingham were to turn out in force and give a resounding vote of approval for this vision for the town’s future.

David Beaton
Chairman Gillingham Neighbourhood Plan Group


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